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Why Can’t We Let Others Enjoy Their Thanksgiving Like We Do?

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While I am running my errands or pulling up in drive-thrus (Don’t judge.), I am amazed at the number of stores and businesses that will open on Thanksgiving. A lot of these stores are chains and department stores, while others are franchises. And this really bothers me. I mean really.

Now, I will admit that when the convenience store is open on holidays, while I am reluctant to go in to get that last-minute item, I expect to pay the convenience price for the effort.

But it looks like we’ve simply skipped Thanksgiving and jumped straight to Christmas shopping.

And this stinks.

I know folks want to make money or get a head start on finding bargains, and I understand that. But think about the person who is working 2 or even 3 jobs to make up for one job. True, they can earn the extra overtime.  But maybe in the back of their mind, that person would appreciate a day off just to breathe.

When I was in the drive thru of a fast food joint that had  a sign on the drive thru window. “Open 24 Hours On Thanksgiving” and I asked the person at the window, “You all will be open?” I saw the disappointment on the employee’s face.

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Folks are not jumping up and down to work on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe a few people are willing, but the majority want to be able to enjoy their family in peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the hospital workers,  first responders and even drug and convenience store employees who do work during the holidays. But retail? Really? Just think about it.


Do you think it’s fair? Leave a comment. And FYI, here’s a list of businesses nationwide that will be open.

List of Businesses Open Thanksgiving Day From Huffington Post

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