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Who Will Be Their Voice? #VoicesForOurSons

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Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are names that are in the news for all of the wrong reasons. Names that represent so many young men of color. And as their names are in the conversations of so many. I ask this question.

Who Will Be Their Voice?

Their voices are so much more than snacks and music. Their voices show their interests. Their voices share their hopes, dreams and fears. Their voices are misunderstood. Their voices are heard with pre-judgement. Their voices are drowned by the hype of stereotypes. Their voices are misinterpreted. So, I ask again.

Who will be their voice?

I am the mother of two tween boys and a pre schooler. Three young men who are developing their voice. But will it be heard? When I think of others like Trayvon or Jordan, I sometimes believe that it will not. But as a mother.

I will be one of  their voices.

Until they can speak for themselves. Because, as a mother,  that’s my job. To fight for my children. And to make sure my sons, or collectively our sons, are not left behind.  It’s part of my responsibility to make sure my sons are safe and equipped to fulfill every ordained day that they have on this Earth.

Will you be a voice for our sons?

I’ve teamed with three fantastic Moms (Divas With A Purpose, And Starring As Herself and Mama Harris Kitchen) of Tween and young Teen boys who want to share our stories and be a voice for our sons.

Our stories are different, but share a common thread. We’ll come together once a month and share our thoughts and observations. Right now, it will be the 1st Wednesday of each month.

We hope you will join the conversation. Feel free to leave a comment, and if you have a blog post written that fits the conversation, use the linky button to join in.

Can’t wait to hear your voice.

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