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Who Was The King Of Pop In 1984? (The Playlist Will Surprise You)

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The most popular song in 1984 was “When Dove’s Cry” by Prince. And while you may believe that The Purple One dominated 1984, he was not the King of Pop. And contrary to popular demand, it was not Michael Jackson either.

Believe it or not, the King of Pop in 1984 was Lionel Richie.

Cover Of The Lionel Richie Collection

In 1984, Lionel Richie had four singles on the Billboard Top 100 Chart from his sophomore solo release “Can’t Slow Down”. Those four singles included the following.

7. “Hello”
12. “All Night Long (All Night)”
32. “Stuck on You”
53. “Running with the Night”

To honor Black Music Month, check out this list as it relates to the Billboard Top 100 Singles of 1984 .

80s, Lionel Richie, childrenoftheoldschool.com

And if you want to listen to these old school jams, check out this spotify playlist.

What do you think? According to the number of singles, Lionel Richie dominated 1984. See any favorites on this list? Leave a comment.

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