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Raising Sons Who Serve #VoicesForOurSons

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We are approaching the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday weekend. Many communities throughout the United States have the holiday designated as a Day of Service. I love this concept, because it teaches what Dr. King was about. His mission was about service.
In fact, his last speech was delivered to the Memphis Sanitation Workers who were on strike due to poor working conditions and low wages. But what happens to our service time after the 3rd Monday of January (when the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is observed)? And what are some ways to teach service to tween and teen boys. Here are a few ideas to help encourage them to serve.

Serve In Your Church

Our church has a number of ways for our sons to volunteer. From operating the camera to record morning service, to assisting with our monthly community care day, church is a great way to volunteer your time and talent in helping the greater good.

Join Service Clubs At School

My middle schooler is in a service club at school. His service club goes to a local  homeless shelter to play games with the younger children.. There is actually a waiting list because so many students want to participate. He was so excited his first visit and is anticipating going back. Not only was he able to give back, but in our discussion we talked about how we can spread love to others in very challenging circumstances.

Check out

I mentioned this wonderful organization in another post and they are worth mentioning again. This site has scholarship and volunteer opportunities available for children ages 12 and up. It’s a great way to get connected with organizations that welcome young volunteers.

What other ways can we encourage our sons to be better citizens through volunteering? Leave a comment or join in on the conversation with our link up.

Will you be a voice for our sons?

I’ve teamed with some fantastic Moms (Divas With A Purpose, And Starring As Herself, Janeane’s World, Mommy Powers and Mama Harris Kitchen) of Tween and young Teen boys who want to share our stories and be a voice for our sons.

Our stories are different, but share a common thread. We’ll come together on Wednesdays throughout the month and share our thoughts and observations. Join us in the linky below.

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I am impressed with all the community work your son does. It is important for our boys to reach out to help others. It is good for them and it shows people that little black boys care about the world around them.

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