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Tips For Traveling With Tween Boys #VoicesForOurSons

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This Summer, our family vacation was a quick trip down South for my 25th class reunion. That is whole other blog post right there, but this one is just a friendly reminder of some dos and don’ts of traveling with Tween boy on a long road trip.

1. Consider traveling at night

This was not planned. We intended to leave at the crack of dawn for our 12 hour road trip. But after a long day at work and trying to prepare, our departure time got delayed. By the time we were all squared away, our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) was an ungodly time to be knocking on a family member’s door. We decided to just rest up. Get the kids showered up and dressed and hit the road at midnight. Can I say, BEST DECISION EVER!!

The kids were asleep for about 7 hours of the trip. Yes. Over 1/2 way through the trip with peace and quiet. My husband and I were able to listen to NPR without any arguments from the kids. Our ETA was at a decent time and we still had the rest of the day to visit with family. If you have two adult drivers to shift up the driving, consider this. I took some mini naps while my husband drove the first leg, and then I took over the second leg of the trip.

2. Have Books For Them To Read

You know that reading was on the agenda. The guys had books to read and this did help some. But they were getting a little restless at some points along the way.

3. Give Them A Camera

You can always go Old School and give them a disposable camera or two and take photos of their journey. My guys got my point and shoot and we took selfies. Check this one out.

4. Have plenty of snacks

If you are familar with being from a Southern family, you know the folks are going to load you down with food when you travel. I want to give a shout out to my uncle who hooked us up with snacks for our trip back. That was a life saver. Keep the snacks on deck. Healthy snacks like apple sauce or fruits can go a long way and keep away the “I’m hungry” whines.

What tips do you have for traveling with tween boys? Leave a comment.


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Janeane Davis
Janeane Davis

I like the idea of traveling at night! When we leave and have most of the driving occur while the kids are sleeping it cuts down on so much drama and sibling arguing over who is breathing on whom! Great tips here.


It definitely will be something we will keep in mind for the future. Thanks Janeane. You had some great tips as well.

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