Thank You For Your Support: 2013 Recap

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First I want to say that after going live on July 4, 2013, this blog is a labor of love and is still in development. I am super excited for 2014, and I thank you all so much for discovering this community.

So here are your top 10 Post for 2013.
top 10, 2013, blog

1. 5 Old School Cold Remedies #NaBloPoMo  Click here to read more.
cold remedies,

2. 5 Old School Gift Ideas For Tween Boys

Tween Boys, Gift Ideas,

photo credit: BecauseUAreHere via photopin cc

3. 16 Must See Holiday Movies: Did any of your favorites make the list? Click here to see.

holiday movies

4. Kerry Washington And Phylicia Rashad Have This In Common:
Congratulations Kerry on her exciting news. She’s had an amazing year.


kerry washington, phylicia rashad

Photo Credits: (Kerry Washington) Huntington Theatre Company via photopin cc (Phylicia Rashad)

5. Three Words You Dare Not Say During The Holidays #NaBloPoMo:
Don’t take anything for granted. Show empathy during the holidays. I hope this helped someone. Click here to read more.

6. What If My Son Was Alive on August 28, 1963? This one really made me think. Have we really progressed in 50 years? Check it out if you missed it here.

7. 4 Old School Sightings In The Fall TV 2013 New Show Lineup:
And already one of these shows got the axe. Click here to read the recap.

8. Looking Back, Are We Moving Forward?
Again, are we moving forward. Even more happenings since this went down. Click here to read more.

Trayvon Martin, Gun Violence, Stand Your Ground, Social Injustice

9. (Tied) 5 Best Mandela Quotes (click here) and Why Can’t We Let Others Enjoy Their Thanksgiving Like We Do? (click here)

Mandela, impossible


10.Five Old School Soundtracks That Were Just As Good (or Better) Than The Movie: Definitely a fun list. Will do a part two for 2014. Click here if you missed it.

Old School, Movies, Soundtracks

Thank you so much for your support and here’s to a bright 2014!

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