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So, May I Play My Christmas Music NOW?

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I read an article by The Cubicle Chick a while ago that really caught my attention about Holiday Music. The question was raised about when is it too soon to play Christmas music. Well, I love Christmas music, but October is a tad bit too early for me (or so I thought). I originally commented that the day after Thanksgiving was acceptable. It’s when one of the local radio stations plays all Christmas music until Christmas day. I love putting on the radio station and listening to the old school holiday songs.

However, after seeing “Best Man Holiday” last year, I am anxious to put this beautiful soundtrack back in rotation and get into the Holiday Spirit.

Holiday Music, ChildrenOfTheOldSchool.com

My ear buds are in place. My playlists are all selected, and I’ll have my own holiday concert. But once the day after Thanksgiving rolls around, the music will be blaring in the car.

What are some of your favorite Holiday Tunes? Leave a comment.

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The Cubicle Chick
The Cubicle Chick

Very well written, and thanks for mentioning my post. I think the feeling that Christmas music emotes makes it acceptable to play anytime. I know people who listen to Christmas music all year. While I am not THAT person, I do begin playing mine right after Halloween. And that is fine with me--to each his own.

I did see The Best Man Holiday and bought the soundtrack and I love it. It's been on repeat since Sunday, and will be going into my holiday music arsenal for years to come.


Thanks so much. And like you said, to each his own. We can have our own concerts and be in a good place of thankfulness and gratitude during the season. Appreciate your comment.


  1. […] “The Best Man Holiday” made me feel like I grew up right along with the characters. It made me reminiscence about my hopes and dreams in my early 20s. Celebrating the things that went right. Reflecting on things that went wrong. Director/Writer Malcolm D. Lee captured all of these emotions in this film, and I so appreciate him for doing that. I might also add that the soundtrack was amazing. It put me in the mood for the holidays. […]

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