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A turning point

Well today, I was able to get out at 6:00 am. I set my watch to run 15 minutes straight. As the beep sounded, I […]


I’m a 0.5 Marathoner…

Well, by grace, we completed the 15 miler. That was my first time going past the 12 mile mark, since I dropped out on our […]

Fitness And Inspiration / Musings

Status Before the 15 Miler

Well got in 2 miles before I picked up the boys on yesterday. I tried to run 20 minutes straight through, and got to 13:37 […]

Fitness And Inspiration / Musings

Something from Heaven to cool me off…

Well, this is what is going on. My BIL is out of town fullfilling best man duties for a dear friend. He won’t be back […]

Fitness And Inspiration / Musings

Sunday Night Live…

Well, before last night, my shoes were in the closet since last Tuesday. DH wanted to go out early Sunday morning before church, but I […]