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Operation Middle School: Back To School Shopping

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Well, next week  our middle schooler starts 6th grade. A couple of weeks ago, Operation middle school school shopping back towe had a great Twitter Chat using the #olskoolchat hashtag. With help from Parent and Educator, Kymberli Barney, our minds were put at ease.

We were on vacation last week visiting family (Stay tuned pictures soon). With all of the vacation prep, I figured we could have time to do Back To School Shopping when we got back. I’ve compiled the list for the guys and  sorted the items and quantities.  Within the next few days, I’m ready to buy the school supplies!

I did not neglect online shopping for a few things. I was mainly shopping for the 6th grader’s backpack. I ordered it online from Lands’ End. My friends can attest to me raving about Lands’ End backpacks and their Iron Knee® pants. The guy’s backpacks are in great shape still after 3 school terms. With the 6th grader’s bulk of books and supplies,  he’s simply out grown his backpack that he’s carried since 3rd grade.

At the  Lands’ End website, I ordered the Solid FeatherLight™ Large Backpack in cobalt blue, and I didn’t get it monogrammed.

I also ordered for him a pair of jeans. My guy is slim and tall. It’s hard finding a 14 slim. I’ve noticed most stores stop the slims at size 12. I got him these jeans with the Iron Knee®. We’ve had these before in cargo pants, and they hold up really well. My guys are hard on clothes, so this works for us. I normally go to the Lands’ End Overstocks, but the sale this week was a great deal.


Solid FeatherLight  Large Backpack - Black
Boys' Slim Classic Fit Iron Knee  Jeans - Classic Wash, 18


For clothes, it’s still warm. So, I plan to grab some shorts and nice T-shirts to tide them over until Labor Day. They both most definitely need shoes.

I’ll venture out to get the combination lock and other supplies from the either Lowes or Home Depot. Learning how to maneuver the combination lock is going to be interesting.

Are you done with your Back To School Shopping? What’s the most odd item on your Back To School List? Do you have kids with hard to find clothes or shoe sizes? Leave a comment.

Disclaimer: This is not a compensated post. All opinions of the products are my own.

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