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No, son. You Are Not Getting A BB Gun For Christmas.

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Ok, so yesterday one of our guys came to me with a list of three things for Christmas. Two items included guns. A BB gun and a Nerf gun and an electric guitar. Well, two of those items were definitely not on my list of gift ideas for tween boys and for good reason.

Our house is not a house that promotes the usage of guns outside of toys. Toy guns that can’t cause harm to others. So when he came to me obsessively requesting the BB gun, I really had to put my foot down. And I had to tell him this.


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And the voice got louder. With arguments like “You don’t trust me.” and “The other kids have one.”


Well, you know what? The other kids don’t live here. And I don’t have time for all of that.  I finally had him to read this article with me out loud on the dangers of BB Guns via ABC News.

But before that, I did go Old School and say “You could shoot your eye out kid.” 🙂

What do you think? Did I over react? Leave a comment.

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Mechanial Engineer
Mechanial Engineer

If there is at least one parent who is familiar with the BIG FOUR basic firearms safety rules (as there should be,) AND the boys are progressing in responsibilities in other areas - you ask them to keep their rooms tidy, does it happen? Beds made up? Can they make hospital corners? Laundry folded and put away neatly? IF so, then they are ready for the BB gun. (Incidentally, since no gunpowder is involved it doesn't "count" as a firearm.)

Do they have access to a safe place to shoot? (Range, public lands where permitted, a junk yard?) Again, if so then a BB gun would be rewarding responsibility with a gift that inheres a new level of responsibility.

Boys and girls get different toys, so boys move on to a .22 rifle in a few years and then maybe a .243, 7mm, or .30cal rifle by age 18. Girls can start of with their first .410 shotgun which is about the same time that they might be learning barrel racing.

But if they are not showing responsibility in the other areas, then say NO and explain your expectations in those other areas.


I appreciate your comments. And to answer, NO, we have to work on the responsibility in other areas. That's why I said NO. I already knew how it would go down. We are working to equip them to get there.

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