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No More Bad Hair Days After Doing This One Thing

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I grew up in the deep South. Instead of the four seasons, our weather is humid or more humid. There are no breaks in between. Growing up, I had my share of bad hair days. Even when big hair was stylish, I always came with extra big hair.

I will admit, my thick tresses served me well. Because of the thick texture of my hair, I experimented with many hairstyles. From up-dos, to ponytails, to braids and relaxers, my hair sustained them all. But my hair also required work. And sometimes, the bad hair days would win.

It was not until 2006 that I made the decision to no longer have a bad hair day. That was the year I transitioned to my natural hair.

I wore my hair natural for four years. I big chopped at least three times along the way. Each time I wore my hair short, I absolutely loved the freedom that came along with it. It was and is the most liberating experience of my life.

After a two year hiatus, I returned to my natural hair in 2012. This time, I am in for the long haul. And part of my regimen for eliminating bad hair days is Motions hair products.

Since using Motions products on my hair, my friends now ask me what products I use. I love sharing my secrets. I also love not having a bad hair day. There is something about a well-coiffed hairstyle that puts a pep in a woman’s step and helps her inner beauty to confidently shine through. It’s great that Motions has a hair product for all hair types to enhance any hair style.

Ursula Stephen , celebrity hair stylist, put together a series of videos to give tips on maintaining great hairstyles at home. Check out the videos below.

And in the month of September 2014, Walgreens has a special deal on Motions products. Hair kits are 25% off and select Motions products are on sale for only $3.49!

Don’t miss out on trying these great products by Motions. What are some of your hair secrets for eliminating bad hair days? Leave a comment below.

This is a sponsored post for Motions through The bLink Marketing Network and Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.

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