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My One Word For 2014

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As a member of an awesome blogging community, I took on the challenge of being still and listening for My One Word for 2014. At first my word was “Coach”, but after examining it more, I felt “Coach” was not the total message I wanted to convey.


So my one word for 2014 is Empower.

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In this space, I want to empower working mothers with sons to know that they are good enough and well equipped to be what these young men need. Even in my own inadequacies, I want others to know that there is a divine plan for all steps that our life’s journey has us on. So, while Children Of The Old School will continue to remember the good ol’ days, it will also serve as a place of community and support for those who need it.

With my social media business (kaicongroup.com), I want to empower businesses to utilize social media effectively. As a matter of fact, this blog more or less serves as my laboratory for my social media business. It’s through both of these platforms that I want to empower those who I am suppose to reach to do more and not think that they are alone.

So be empowered to dream, plan and implement, because that is what I have in store for 2014.

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