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Marathon Training So Far

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First, I want to say, I can’t believe I am training for a marathon….

Hello Everyone and welcome to my marathon journal. Right now I just wanted to catch everyone up on what is going on with this whole marathon thing.

I started my training in February. My first steps were on Valentine’s Day. My dear friend Rhonda pushed me out of the house, in the cold, and we ran (she ran, I walked) around my neighborhood. Our group from church was scheduled to start the group trainings in March, and I wanted to get a head start.

In March we started off with our two mile group run and the commraderie was great. It had to be about 25 people meeting. Everyone was so jazzed. Then, I got shin splints and pretty much sat out training for a while.

By April, I was back and determined. The group was dwindling but the momentum was there. Then in May, my dear husband joins me. By this time our group runs are now at 6 miles and our group was down to about 10. I was surprised that I did six miles in 1.5 hours considering in February I couldn’t even run one minute. Now, I was running about one minute and walking one minute.

Yet, that was not working fo me. I was barely catching my breath until it was time to run again. So now I have a different strategy and it seems to be working well. I’m utilizing 5 minute blocks where I am trading 30 seconds of walking each week for running. I am currently at 3 minutes of running (or shall I say jogging) and 2 minutes of walking. All is well.

So that’s just a little bit to get you caught up. I’ll expand more later.

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