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Joy Comes When You Least Expect It

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On this day, four years ago, I went into labor. And while I was three weeks away from my due date, I was not prepared. My hospital bag wasn’t packed. I didn’t know where I was going to take my kids when this happened. We didn’t even have a car seat. And to be perfectly honest, I was not mentally prepared either., childbirth after 35

The last time I went through child birth was six years prior. My hubby and I were talking about how the boys were becoming a little bit more independent. I was 39. I wasn’t thinking about having another child. I thought I was done. I actually thought I was going through early menopause when I discovered I was pregnant.

And while I was pregnant, our life, at it’s crazy pace,  went as usual. I feel guilty even writing this, because I do know that there are folks our there who would do anything to just have a pregnancy happen. Please believe me when I say that I know this. But I will also say that it took us a minute to get our minds right.

Because we had plans.

But God had other plans.

So when I went into labor without a hospital bag, it quickly became a reality. We anticipated our child’s arrival. It was a family affair. We even voted on his possible name ahead of time. But having my water break while I was home, alone with the boys, made the fuzziness a lot more real.

When he was born early that next morning, I knew immediately why he came. He made our second child a big brother. He brought joy to our home. He was our gift from God.

Now, I  have moments when I  hug him really tight and say to him, “Thank you for coming. I’m so glad you are here.” He may not understand what all that means, but I want him to know that he is loved.

When you don’t understand the reasons why, joy is all around.



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