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Is It Wrong To Have This Holiday Wish?

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Last few days, I have been in my feelings due to the looming decision from the grand jury to decide whether Darren Wilson should be criminally charged for the fatal shooting of Mike Brown. I live in the metro St. Louis area. I have friends who live in the community where the shooting occurred. I understand the outrage of the events and how it went down.

Holiday Wish, St. louis

I’m getting emails from my kid’s schools and my job about precautions being made for potential violence from protesters.

Mike Brown’s father even has a public service announcement pleading with the citizens of St. Louis to be peaceful. While he is still grieving for his son, he is pleading with the public to not do harm.

I am disheartened that these type of announcements have to be made, but I accept that.

But then I see this in my timeline.

And I am like Wow, Come One St. Louis.

Better yet, Come On America..

Can we put the guns down and make a statement of peace.

Folks are protesting and going to jail about police brutality, yet folks want to feed the flame and commit crimes involving gun violence.

How can the conversation of police brutality have a solid platform when we have the flies of black on black crime swarm around the pot?

Neither one is justified. But both can be stopped if folks would do their part and stop the madness.

With all of the calls for peace looming in the city of St. Louis, our crime rate should be
ZERO right now.

But that’s my wish. Mike Brown’s death, Herbert Burnett’s death and Brandon Ferguson’s death don’t make sense to me.

Here’s My holiday wish. No more senseless deaths. Pray for St. Louis.

Am I wrong to want this? Leave a comment.

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I'm praying for you all. I hate that the B-on-B convo ever comes up. If we look at any crime stats, we'll see that most people are killed by people who look like them. And, the W-on-W crime rate is higher than B-on-B. However, the media chooses to sensationalize it in the Black community for ratings and to continue to build a false image that all Blacks are dangerous. It's really propaganda if you really pay attention to it. 

childrenoftheoldschool moderator

@loveyoloxo Thank you for saying what was in my head. Yes, all that you say is true. I hate when B-on-B has any fuel to lend to the overall conversation because folks generally only believe what is before them without looking at all of the facts. Appreciate you so much. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

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