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I Am Protective Of My Family

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I Am Protective Of My Family

My husband and I never thought we would have to answer these kinds of questions. Questions like, “How much life insurance do we need in case one or both of us died?” or “Who would take care of the boys for us?” These are questions that neither one of us wanted to think about. But we both knew they were unavoidable questions that needed answers for the welfare of our boys.

About a year and a half ago, my Mom called me and told me about her recent mammogram. During her mammogram, a lump was found on one of her breasts. The doctors ordered a second set of tests to see what the lump was all about. When she told this to me over the phone, I felt my heart in my throat. I am a woman of faith. However, in that moment, I was in a very scary place. I tried to keep calm for her and help her dismantle the fear that was going playing out before us.

I rehearsed that initial conversation with my Mom over and over in my head. I thought about what could possibly be the next steps. As the oldest, I wanted to make sure that our family was protected. And while we waited for the second set of tests, I asked my Mom some tough questions. Surprisingly, my Mom and I were not as prepared as we thought. While my Mom had access to health care, she did not have a life insurance policy. Because she is not married, and I am her oldest child, if anything were to happen to her, our family faced a financial risk.

From this experience, I also discovered that my husband and I didn’t have certain things in place financially. I never thought about long term care options for my mother or myself. Our family received a wake-up call from this. It also exposed some serious family financial gaps. Gaps no one thinks about until it is too late. Now that I am older, and see more of my friends losing parents, these gaps are exposed more and more. Personally, I don’t want my family to have an extra layer of stress or strain if anything were to happen to me or my husband. That’s why we decided to educate ourselves on financial protection practices for our family as well as for my Mom.

I am thankful to report that my Mom’s second set of tests came back negative and cancer free. Here she is enjoying her grand babies at her home this past Summer.

Precious Moments We Cherish

And while, that was a scary two weeks of uneasiness, I am glad that it brought some things to our attention that we probably would continue to sweep under the rug and shrug off for another time.

That’s why I teamed with Protective Insurance and Collective Bias through the #IAmProtective #CollectiveBias campaign. If you are questioning your family’s financial vulnerability in the event of illness or death, consider checking out Protective Insurance’s learning center ( and discover ways to protect what matters most.

What things put you in protective mode? Leave a comment.

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