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Yes, I Am Middle Aged

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For the first time in my life, I finally feel like my voice has weight. I am middle aged. I had to really step back and take a look at that.

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Being middle aged is a bit of a fuzzy area actually. I mean, I’m still young enough to do a whole lot of things, but also my body is reminding me of the fact that there are a lot of things that it is beginning to experience and it requires tender loving care.

This middle aged thing makes one aware of how precious and valuable life can be. Twenty years ago,
I graduated from college. Twenty five years ago I graduated from high school. I know a lot of those
who’ve experienced these milestones already would say, “Child Please. You are still young.”

And yes, I am young. But I am also in transition. And this transition is one that is both liberating and scary.

Here’s how.

In my twenties I had a job, a mortgage and thriving in my career. In my thirties, I married and had my kids. But now, in my forties, I can finally be comfortable in my own skin because I have some time and experience behind my words.

And that’s where the scary part comes too. Some of the time behind me, in my preconceived notions didn’t pan out how I expected. Mainly due to fear in my youth. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. I think, maybe if I had the courage to fail, some things would have turned out better. That’s one thing I would definitely tell someone who’s younger.

Be brave to fail.

Now don’t get me wrong, my life right now is good. But sometimes I feel like I wasted some time and resources that were in my hand. Perfectionism will get the best of a person and it can sometimes cripple you to not move.

You see, you don’t have to have it all together. And if you keep living you won’t have it all together. You will be a master at some things, but there will always be something that you will steady have to master.

That may even occur up until you take your last breath.

So middle age is that place where I pause and try to determine what’s worth utilizing the precious days I’ve been given in the most valuable way. How I can impact my children where they will be brave to fail.

Not looking at failure as an alternative to success, but as a stepping stone to success. I want to know how to love those around me and they know it. And I want to know how to simply be me in the most humanly way possible.

I ponder middle age because within the last five years I’ve known too many folks my age to pass away. Now we are burying our parents or are caring for them because they are no longer to care for themselves. These things really make me think.

God willing, I’ll be middle aged for a while. Experts say middle aged is from age forty to age sixty. That’s a whole lot more growing to go. Growing wiser and equipping others to do the same. I am ready.

And I’m not afraid.

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I absolutely refuse to claim that term until I'm 50!! Lol


Ha! Yes ma'am. I heard that.. I'm closer to that than you are. :)

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