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Happy Birthday and Thank You To America’s Old School Dad

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Today is Dr. William Henry Cosby Jr.’s Birthday (July 12, 1937). As I was researching for this blog post. I was reminded of how Bill Cosby’s been in my life, and so many other Old School Kids, since I can remember.


Bill Cosby made us beg our parents to buy Jello pudding. He made us love a rag tag group of kids who had a band. He taught us how to read with pictures. He showed us how it was OK to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. He even planted seeds in our heads, through positive images of family, that we could grow up and be successful.

And of course,  let’s not forget about his social activism that even resonates today. Dr. Cosby is a voice that millions respect and admire. His accomplishments are summarized from this video from the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame.

And I’ve included a slideshow with some clips of Dr. Cosby throughout the years.

And of course a clip from what most will say the best portrayal of Fatherhood on modern television, “The Cosby Show.”

Happy Birthday Dr. Cosby. And Thank You For Your Voice.

What do you admire most from Dr. Cosby? Leave a comment.

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