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20 Reasons Why I Am An Old School Kid

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I am an old school kid.  Growing up in the 70s and 80s were cool. We had some good times. But if you don’t believe me, here are 20 reasons how I can prove it.

1. My school lunches looked like this and we used real silverware.

old school lunch,

2. Folks watched this channel strictly for the videos.

old school mtv,
3. And because I didn’t have cable, this was my substitute for #2.

old school friday night videos,

4. But it was the first place to premier this.

5. And of course, I wanted one of these.

michael jackson glove,

6. My mother had stacks of these.

old school 8 tracks,

7. And she drove us around without car seats or seat belts in this.

chevy nova,

8. On Saturdays, my TV line up included this

9. and also this…

10. I rode one of these.

pink huffy,

11. I remember when she was on As The World Turns.

photo credit: csztova via photopin cc


12. I got smashed by one of these.

dodge ball,

13. I knew this theme song.

14. And embarrassingly knew this theme song.

15. Part of my inspiration to go to college came from these people.

different world, childrenoftheoldschool, marisa tomei

16. I know exactly where I was when this happened.

white bronco, OJ Simpson,

17. I couldn’t afford these.

guess jeans,

18. But I bought plenty of these for pennies.

penny candy,

19. I never wanted one of these.

cabbage patch,
20. But I am glad I survived without one of these.

jehri curl,

Are you an old school kid?  If this brought back some memories, leave a comment.

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LOL! I loved this post.I was born in '76 and could feel every single one of these. I also had a Rubik's Cube, rode my bike with no helmet, and wore leggings with 2 pair of slouch socks!! 

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