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Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Charts Based on Your PayPeriod

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As we are going through ways to get back on track for a fresh start, one of the main areas that crops up is finances. Are you familiar with the 52 week savings challenge? We’ve seen the 52 week savings challenge charts on Facebook. But have you seen a 52 week savings chart for a person who is paid biweekly? Monthly? Well if you need a 52 week savings chart for your pay period, check this out.
52 Week Savings Challenge, Printable Chart

Here’s a set of charts for each pay period (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly) and also give options for both increasing and decreasing your contributions each pay period.

But keeping that money out of reach may be another obstacle. So I looked into SmartyPig, an online FDIC insured savings plan. Check out their website at

So, click on the button below to download the charts.


Happy Saving.

Interested in starting an account? Send me an email at with the subject “Smarty Pig Account”, and I will send you a Smarty Pig Account referral code. I’ll also show you how to get closer to your savings goal with Smarty Pig.

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