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Dancing With The Stars Week One Recap (Spoilers): Old School Sightings

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I have to say that I was not a Dancing With The Stars watcher. Last season, I watched YouTube clips just to see Derek Hough and Amber Riley. But this season, when the lineup was announced with a heavy Old School Rotation (including Alfonso Rebeiro, Lea Thomson, Tavis Smiley and Tommy Chong), I knew I needed to keep this on my radar. I will admit I was not disappointed.

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And while there are 13 (now 12) couples competing for the mirror ball trophy, my recaps will focus on the four notable old school stars as well as overall thoughts along the way.

Lea & Artem

I love how she calls herself a cougar with her dance partner Artem. And I agree, he is a cutie. To be, she looks amazing. The choreography was very graceful. And for the first dance out of the box, I thought she did great. I did not notice the posture moves that the judges were harping about, considering I am not a dancer. I thought she moved very gracefully.

Check it out here.

Their song choice of “This Will Be” was appropriate and from the results show, we find out that Lea & Artem are safe.

Tavis & Sharna

Tavis Smiley has interviewed Presidents and World Leaders. He’s a thought provoker. I listen to his show on NPR. He’s looked upon as being a “deep” guy. I thought it was cool that he wanted to step outside of his brand box and make this bold move before he turns 50. Plus, did I hear him say he’s lost 20 pounds just from rehearsing so far.

I didn’t like Tavis’ song choice of “Pride & Joy”. And I didn’t realize how hefty of a guy he was until seeing him here. Sitting behind a desk versus dancing gives you a different perspective. But what I did appreciate about Tavis is that he is taking a risk and showing folks a different side to him. You could tell this was a new and uncomfortable experience for him, but he is willing to learn. For that I am happy to see that he was safe from the results show.

Check out Tavis & Sharna week one’s performance here.

Tommy & Peta

Tommy Chong killed his first performance. He came out like a true OG and I loved it! He looked like he was truly have a good time. The song choice “Drop It Like It’s Hot” was genius. And to see Cheech Marin in the low rider just made me smile. I really believe Tommy will be around for a while. Peta is a great dance partner. She made Tommy look fantastic by bringing out his suave.

If you missed it, check it out here.

Alfonso and Whitney

Dancing With The Stars truly saved the best for last. We have to remember that Alfonso was a Broadway dancer from childhood. He was the Tap Dance Kid. He was the mini Michael Jackson in the famous Pepsi Commercial. And he invented The Carlton. How were we not surprised that he would bring the hit. But I will say that Alfonso threw down on his performance. I love that he says that is motivation to be on the show is to lose weight. Dancing is such a great way to lose weight, and from seeing these transformations, I am highly encouraged.

And when Whitney said she was half of Alfonso’s age, I would not believe it. He was keeping up like nobody’s business. If Whitney choreographed that for episode one, she is going to bring it for the rest of the show. I think I’ve watched this performance at least five times. I was not surprised with their score of straight 9s either. And Ricky Schroeder was in the audience! Bonus Old School Sighting. Finally, I love Alfonso’s humility in acknowledging the entire cast. Kudos! Right now, this is the couple to beat.

Check it out here.

Overall Thoughts

And while I am watching for the four couples above, I will note that I am not surprised by the couples who made the bottom three. I hate that Lolo & Keo got eliminated. I thought Betsey and Tony would be first, but she has personality. Lolo is a competitor and I hate this happened to her out the box, but that’s Dancing With The Stars. The fans have to help you out. I think if she had just kept quiet and took the criticism maybe that would have helped. I think Lolo’s fans thought she would be ok based on Betsey’s blunder. But Betsey was cute and Lolo had the game face on. Sad to see her go.

And that Randy Couture….. That’s all I am going to say on that.

Did You Watch Dancing With The Stars? Share your thoughts and see you next week.

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Val Boaten
Val Boaten

He is doing ok. I admire him for stepping out of his comfort zone. Check it out. It's good.

Yolo Spin
Yolo Spin

I haven't watched this in so long but I heard that Tavis Smiley is on this season. I can't believe it!


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