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Dancing With The Stars Week 4 Made Me Cry: Old School Sightings

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It’s Dancing With The Stars Week 4 and I was so glad Alfonso Ribeiro made us wait for “The Carlton”. The theme of the night was the most memorable year. I will admit, the crew had me in tears with all of their stories. Again, this proves that perseverance prevails and that we never know what anyone is going through.


Dancing With The Stars Week 4 Recap Alfonso Ribeiro does the Carlton

Lea And Artem

What a beautiful dance by Lea and Artem to the Luther Vandross’ song “Dance With My Father”. We already knew Lea is a trained ballet dancer. Her grace and elegance on this piece had me all in my feels. I honestly could see how the emotion overwhelmed her at the end. I was definitely pleased with her score and glad to see that she and Artem are safe for this week.

Tommy and Peta

First, I didn’t know that Tommy did time back in 2003. The love of a father to protect his child never ceases to amaze me. I loved Tommy and Peta’s jive. Not their best performance, but I still think they will be around for the long haul.

Alfonso and Witney

We waited and now it is here. Alfonso and Witney killed “The Carlton” and I am so glad they received a perfect score on this performance. I loved all of the choreography on this piece.
And if you missed it, check it out here.


Val and Janel’s rumba was absolutely breathtaking. So graceful and moving. I think Jonathan and Allison as well as Michael and Emma are in trouble for next week. I  also think Michael already knows that this may be his last week on the show by the way he reacted at the end of his performance.

And why did I not know that Antonio was Janet’s boo thang in the video “Love Will Never Do”. I think back in the day, whenever that video came on, we would all just stop and stare. I think I even had that video on VHS!! He has aged so well.

Now while Antonio brought it back old school for us, I still think also is in trouble for next week. America’s vote will be the deciding factor. He’s got that General Hospital fan base. He may be safe, but it will be close.

I loved, loved, loved Bethany and Derek’s performance on the song “Try”. As a mom of a 12 year old and hearing her story, I was inspired for my child. Thank you Bethany for using your voice.

I am not surprised that Betsey and Tony were eliminated. It was just a matter of time. I did think Michael and Emma would have gotten the axe over Betsey and Tony, but I am not surprised at this outcome.

What were your thoughts of the show this week? Leave a comment.

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