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Dancing With The Stars Week 2 Recap : Old School Sightings

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I started this recap based on the number of Old School Stars in Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars (alfonso Riberio, Lea Thompson, Tavis Smiley and Tommy Chong) and so far so good.

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Dancing With The Stars Week 2

And while there were 12 (now 11) couples competing for the mirror ball trophy this week, my recaps will focus on the four notable old school stars as well as overall thoughts along the way.

Lea & Artem

Lea really stepped her game up this week. You could see the competitive side come through in the video package. She is in this to win it. She is aware of her competition, but she put in work and it showed in her performance. To me, one of the best if not the best performances of the night.

Check it out here.

Their song choice was excellent appropriate and from the results show, we find out that Lea & Artem are safe.

Tavis & Sharna

Tavis Smiley, we discovered, is promoting a new book. His book tour schedule placed rehearsals on hold and it showed with his performance. The song choice “Boogie Wonderland” was cool. But Tavis was stiff and not as prepared as he was last week.

What I didn’t like was Tavis’ self doubt talk in the video package. He pretty much put it out there that he was going to implode on the show. And I think he was not mentally in the game.

Unfortunately, he spoke his own fate as he was eliminated last night. While, he knew he didn’t have a stellar performance, I’m not surprised he was eliminated.

Tommy & Peta

Last week Tommy Chong killed his performance. This week, I would say “Eh”. I wasn’t crazy about it as I was last week. Peta pretty much was left alone on this performance to carry it. However, his personality is his saving grace. And when he tore open his shirt, I was like, “Say what?” I can’t believe he is 76 years old. He looks fantastic.

If you missed it, check it out here.

Alfonso and Whitney

How can they top last weeks performance? The pressure was on for sure and you could see it in the rehearsal clips as well. I have to say Whitney as a choreographer is B-A-D. And while, this performance was not as polished as last week’s performance, it was solid. I loved the song choice of “Get Jiggy With It”. The judges gave great input to Alfonso, and I loved how he took the criticism as is. He also acknowledge that the performance was lackluster because he gave his input. He pretty much said he needs to stay in his lane and let Whitney help him shine.

Check it out here.

Overall Thoughts

And while I am watching for the four couples above, I will note that I am not surprised by the couples who made the bottom three. I will say that Betsey was the most improved performance of the night. Michael only stayed because of the fan base voting. That was the deciding factor between his performance and Tavis’. Hate to see Tavis leave, but all the best to him. It was great seeing him outside of the heavy issues.

Did You Watch Dancing With The Stars? Share your thoughts and see you next week.

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