Before Lupita Nyong’o ~ An Old School Salute #TBT

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Lupita Nyong’o has taken the world by storm through her red carpet appearances resulting from her role as Patsey in the Academy Award winning film “12 Years A Slave”. And while Lupita rightly deserves her time to shine, I would not be true to form without recognizing some old school trailblazers along the way., lupita nyong'o

Not taking anything away from the Ivy League educated, Mexican born lovely. But you have to give credit to the Jamaican ball of fire.

Grace Jones, grace jones

Grace Jones back in the day, and even now, broke all of the rules and held no punches. From the runway, to the microphone and to the big screen, her beauty commanded attention.

Although Lupita was born in Mexico, her heritage is purely Kenyan. While  Lupita was still toddling along this woman here was turning heads.

Akosua Busia


Akosua Busia is one of the women whose beauty is admired, but who is not celebrated as she should be. We all remember her from her role as Nettie in “The Color Purple” (You know that movie that got robbed for Best Picture.) She was beautiful then as she is now.

I admired Lupita before, but when she gave the ultimate shout out at the Essence Black Women of Hollywood Luncheon, I knew we were on the same wave length. Before Lupita, there was this woman here.

Alek Wek

Alek Wek,

Just as Alek was inspiration for Lupita, I am absolutely sure that Lupita is the same for so many young girls out there. Her grace and style exudes beauty from the inside. So Lupita, I just want to say this.

Lupita Nyong'o,

Thank you Lupita for reminding us all that our dreams are valid.

Was this a fair tribute to the trailblazers? Leave a comment. And also check out Lupita’s very moving speech at the Essence Black Women of Hollywood Luncheon.



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Brandi Riley
Brandi Riley

YES!!!!! Yes, Ma'am!! YES!!!! Love this amazing tribute of these gorgeous Black women!

Mandi Buckner
Mandi Buckner

What a beautiful tribute! I didn't know Akosua was from Ghana! And Grace Jones ICONIC. I still loved her best in Boomerang. Lol!!!

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