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It’s Back To Middle School And I Am Having A Hard Time #VoicesForOurSons

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My older sons go back to school in seven days. We survived our first year of middle school. Now, we are entering 7th grade and are moving into the teenage years. I still can’t believe how fast this time is going.

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I know I am supposed to write about back to school shopping and supplies. But I told Michelle, Raya and Dawn, that I was just not feeling it. The child who gave me Mom cred is growing up to become a man.

And I can’t deal.

He took this selfie the other day on his phone with his friends. I looked at the picture. It was in that moment I realized.

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He’s smarter than me.
He’s cooler than me.
He’s (almost) taller than me.
He’s braver than me.
He’s has access to greater opportunities and experiences than ever had at his age.
He’s blessed.
He’s loved.

And it’s my job this year to make sure my husband and I continue to help all of our sons reach their full potential and be prepared to advocate for them in the most effective manner possible. To make sure they have all of the resources physically and spiritually necessary to have a  semi-soft landing into the real world.

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This picture reminded me, I only have six years before the real launch. The twelve years before went by in a blink.

Are you ready for Back To School? Please let me know I am not alone. Join in on the conversation on Twitter with #voicesforoursons. Also, if you have a blog post you’d like to share, share your link with us on the linky below.

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Michelle @ Divas With A Purpose
Michelle @ Divas With A Purpose

I can definitely relate! My son just turned 13 and has been gone for the summer. He and his dad were traveling through our home town so they stopped by and he looked so....older. I wanted to cry. No one told me it was going to be this rough on me.

Val Boaten
Val Boaten

Can't believe this is happening.

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