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5 Old School Movies That Were Robbed For Best Picture #OscarTrivia

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So it is Oscar Week. And I wouldn’t be a child of the Old School, if I didn’t give my take of my list of five movies from back in the day that I feel were robbed of the Academy Award for Best Picture. It’s as simple as that.


1977 Star Wars

I guess Star Wars was just simply ahead of its time in terms of acceptance into our culture. Annie Hall won Best Picture the same year Star Wars was nominated. I don’t see too many folks camping out two weeks in advance for an Annie Hall prequel or sequel. George Lucas still rules. I just don’t understand how this movie did not win best picture.

1985 The Color Purple

I have way too many words for the angst this brings me just thinking about it. Again, the Academy was close but not quite on this one. The Color Purple lost to Out of Africa for Best Picture. It was a major upset, and many feel was a slap in the face to Steven Spielberg for having the courage to step out of his comfort zone. This movie is still loved to this day. It has inspired a generation. It transcends time. A True Classic. Still can’t believe it didn’t win.

1987 Fatal Attraction

Who remembers The Last Emperor? Well that’s the movie that won Best Picture the same year Fatal Attraction was nominated. So many scenes and references that are still relevant today are in this film. I mean what scene sticks out to you from The Last Emperor? Not too many. But if you say “rabbit in a pot”, you know exactly what is going on. Another Academy Fail.

1992 A Few Good Men

I understand Clint Eastwood is a brilliant director and the western is always a draw, but how did A Few Good Men not win Best picture in 1992? Jack Nicholson and the entire ensemble were brilliant in this movie. I have to believe the ballot tally was pretty close in this one.

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1998 Life Is Beautiful & Saving Private Ryan (tied)

This is the only year that I wished two movies could win. And it is interesting that both were set in World War II. What I loved so much about both of these films was the portrayal of war and survival. And with Life Is Beautiful, even though it is subtitled, the emotions come across in every scene. I guess Shakespeare In Love won due to the split of the ballot between these two great films.

So, what is your take. Am I off base? Leave a comment.

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