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5 Old School Gift Ideas For Tween Boys

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So a few months ago, I asked my friends for some old school gift ideas for Tween Boys on Facebook. My older sons are eleven and nine, and I was very pleased with the response. Here are five gift ideas to keep in mind.

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1. The Erector Set

Right now, my guys are definitely into building their own little worlds online. And this one was highly recommended for creativity. Modestly priced and will definitely keep them occupied while assembling.




2. Legos Incorporated With Mindstorms

I will admit, Mindstorms was new to me, but I have very smart friends. I mean MIT smart. So when this came as a suggestion, I definitely took notice. I will admit that the newer Mindstorms kits are pretty expensive, but my friend recommended to get the Old School Legos that are not in a kit and then incorporate the Mindstorms pieces to build robotics. You can actually write computer programs for this. I found this book that tells how to create some pretty quick Mindstorms projects in under an hour.




3. R/C Vehicles

We’ve always had success with the remote control vehicles, so when this was suggested, it was clearly a winner.



4. Board Games (Battleship, Trouble as examples)

There are electronic versions of the Old School Board games, but nothing beats an evening of family fun, like a good old game of Battleship. Also helps with concentration and strategy building.


5. K’Nex

My older son loves K’Nex and building things. Goes back to the Legos idea that was suggested above. So if you have a builder, this will definitely keep him occupied.



What gift ideas for the tween boy do you have? Leave a comment.


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This is a great list! Tweet boys are notoriously hard to shop for!


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