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5 Favorite Tips For Staying Organized This Year

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I will admit that I need help with organization. I’ve never made this a New Year’s resolution. I realize it is something that always needs improvement in my life. I have friends who make organization look so easily. However, I have to make a conscience effort to stay organized.

Here are five tips that help me to keep it together.

1. Make lists

I need lists. Lists help me feel accomplished. When I am able to check off a task that required effort, that makes me feel good. That’s why I love FlyLady. She encourages her followers to make lists and start where they will feel accomplished. Don’t be afraid of lists. Lists can be your friend.

2. Use A Calendar

I’ve noticed when I use my calendar, it helps me keep up with things instead of relying on my brain to remember everything. I tried to do this in a spreadsheet, but I read a very cool book by Amiyrah Martin called, “How To Plan Your Year In A Day”. Amiyrah’s tips on outlining an entire year using an electronic calendar are amazing. I definitely needed her strategies for putting together a yearly calendar without feeling flabbergasted.

3. Take Small Steps

Here’s an example. I’ve purposed in my mind to only concentrate on one load of laundry a day. When I tried to do laundry all in one day, the sorting, washing, folding and putting away overwhelmed me. I will say that laundry is an area that I really need help with, but I feel good about my one load a day rule. Now that the boys are older, they are taking on more responsibility with their own laundry too.

4. Delegate Responsibilities

I learned (the hard way) that I cannot do everything at home. My husband quickly reminded me that doing this was not helping our sons gain independence. Plus, it left me feeling exhausted. Now, everyone has a job. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that their assigned tasks are completed to help keep things in order.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

I can say that when I feel overwhelmed, I shut down completely. I learned the hard way that chaos leads to stress. Stress leads to the immune system becoming weakened. A weakened immune system leads to illness. No one wants to get sick due to stress. Ask for help.

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What are some tips that you have to stay organized? Leave a comment.

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I stay organized by getting rid of clutter. Clutter is the devil. 


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