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4 Reasons Why Lucious Lyon Is Our George Jefferson

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4 Reasons Why Lucious Lyon Is Our George Jefferson

Attention Old School Kids. I raised the question on Children Of The Old School’s Facebook page if Lucious Lyon was our Archie Bunker?  My dear co-admin @diolette commented to say George Jefferson. And that comparison is perfect. Here’s why.



1. Lucious Lyon and George Jefferson both made their own way.

George owned a dry cleaning business from the ground up and Lucious Lyon grew his music empire one mix tape at a time. Both George and Lucious have the street smarts while staying relevant to the game of business. While I don’t believe George Jefferson killed anyone to get ahead in the game, both he and Lucious both seem to understand the rules of supply and demand to get ahead in business.

2. Lucious Lyon and George Jefferson both love their family.

No one ever doubts the loyalty both Lucious and George have for their family. We always saw George’s commitment to his wife and family. And even though Lucious has his flaws, but you know he still loves him his Cookie. However, if Weezie and Cookie were to go toe to toe, we already know  Weezie would not stand a chance.

3. Lucious Lyon and George Jefferson both drive their kids to be better than them.

Both George and Lucious made a point to give their children things that they did not receive. And part of that was a formal college education. Remember Lionel was an electrical engineer while Andre has an MBA from Wharton. While neither George nor Lucious have college degrees, they both provided the financial support for their children to advance their education. They both take pride in knowing that the invested in their children’s education. And unfortunately, both throw it in their kid’s faces as well.

4. Lucious Lyon and George Jefferson have the same thoughts on race relations.

This goes without saying.  When Lucious made reference to Andre about marrying “that white woman”, my mind went straight to the Tom and Helen Willis and their daughter Jenny and how George repeatedly mocked her biracial heritage. The Jefferson was a pioneer show in 1974 to use comedy as a way to expose ignorance.  Sadly, this is the commentary for many in our country today in 2015.


Do you see any other similarities between George Jefferson and Lucious Lyon? Leave a comment.


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