10 Ways To Survive #IronBowl Weekend

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If you are not in the state of Alabama and do not know what’s going on, it is Iron Bowl weekend. But for those who do reside in the state, you already know the state is under seige and by 2:30 PM CST tomorrow, you will be able to hear a pin drop as Auburn, AL will be the center of attention on national TV for at least 2 hours. It will seem like another Thanksgiving or Christmas as the state will come to a complete standstill.

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But don’t worry. Here’s list of 10 ways to survive.

10. Make sure your TV has excellent reception.

TV Reception

This is extremely important for plays that may be challenged and also if you are hosting the festivities.


 9. Get all of your snacks early.


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If your significant other is watching the game, please take my advice and do not ask for a ice run or grocery run during the game. Trust me.


8.If you plan on tailgating at Jordan Hare and are reading this on Saturday without a secured spot for the Iron Bowl action, well it’s too late.

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Yes, friends. Sadly folks already secured premium spots on campus as early as Monday. But you can watch for free at the Auburn Arena.

7. If you entered into an Unequally Yoked Relationship (Auburn/Alabama household), make sure you have two televisions to enjoy the game in peace.


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And can look like this..

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Yes, these relationships do occur. I am not one to promote them, but those who enter know the ramifications that can take place. All I can say is, be careful.



6. If you are going to talk trash on Social Media, be prepared for fallout.


Iron Bowl,

Some people take this game very, very seriously. So remember, it can get ugly.

5. Know the proper battle cries and mascots.

Iron Bowl, Auburn, Alabama

Iron Bowl 101. Auburn Tigers = Mascot, War Eagle (not plural) is battle cry.  University of Alabama is a bit more confusing as they are known as the Crimson Tide with an elephant as their mascot and battle cry of Roll Tide. I don’t make this up, just passing on information.

4. Have your team’s paraphernalia in tact.

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If you’re going to be a support, at least wear a T shirt or hat. Even for one day.

3. Have plenty of heart medication and oxygen on deck or be prepared to dial 911.

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This game will be intense. There will be some big plays on both sides. So just be prepared for an intense 60 minutes.


2. Have Fun.

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It is only a game. And it is meant to be fun. Please don’t take it so seriously as to disrupt important relationships in your life.



1. Cheer for the winning Team.

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Enough said.


War Eagle Baby!!


Did I miss anything? Leave a comment!


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